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Many property crimes have been downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors which when combined with reduced or no-bail policies, has emboldened criminals.  Thus property crimes are rising and home invasions have also increased.  The average police response time is 11 minutes while most violent encounters are over in 10 seconds and burglaries take only a few minutes to remove most household valuables. 


Understanding the potential threats through assessments is the first step in identifying vulnerabilities and establishing risk.  Based on this analysis, a detailed plan is created to counter the threat and mitigate the threat through a combination of physical and procedural measures.  These protection measures maximize the detection of potential threats, establish deterrence through denial systems so the criminals are either delayed until responding forces arrive or the criminal acts are defeated.


We have decades of experience in physical security to include nuclear assets, airport facilities and residential communites.  Let us help you to create a custom plan to address your unique situation and protect your home, your sanctuary, your place to rest, relax and restore.

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