Personal (and Family) Protection

1 in 30 adults in the US is a victim of a violent encounter.  Crime is rising in several categories as the penalties for committing crimes are being eliminated or decreased.  


Additionally, police interventions have slowly been muted as law enforcement has been defunded or resources reallocated and officers are less likely to have the support of their superiors, politicians and the legal procecution teams.  Furthermore, the average response time by law enforcement for a priority one call is 11 minutes while most violent encounters are over in less than 10 seconds. 


We have decades of experience not only in law enforcement but also in executive protection to provide you with the knowledge and skills so you (and your loved ones) are prepared and empowered to


    1) Identify and avoid dangerous situations,

    2) Effectively respond to dangerous situations and,

    3) Recover from violent encounters physically and emotionally

    4) Be best positioned to legally defend your self-defense


What happens before, during and after a violent encounter are all important.  Just because you survive the physical fight doesn't mean you will survive the legal battle.  Let us prepare you to navigate these potential threats.

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